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Rahul Gandhi kept in the dark about the horrific incident due to his young age: Congress spokesperson

India's youth icon Rahul Gandhi

Congress party’s youth icon Rahul Gandhi

After the entire nation was outraged at the brutal gang-rape of a 23 year old in Delhi, that was followed by more than two full weeks of protests in the capital and all across India, Rahul Gandhi, considered India’s youth icon was faced with a wave of criticism for being inactive during this ordeal. Rahul Gandhi, who had been recently campaigning for Congress in the just concluded Gujarat polls, was nowhere to be seen in the period following the gang-rape incident of 16th December, 2012.

Many citizens took to social networking to express their disappointment with the Congress General Secretary because of his absence. Citizens were protesting to pressurize the Government to pass strong laws and prevent crimes against women.

“Rahul Gandhi should have come forward and joined in with the protesters. Or atleast he could have pretended to join them”, said a tweeter.

Delhi protesters

Some political analysts believe this has totally screwed the Congress youth icon’s chances of being India’s future Prime Minister. “We don’t want a part-time political youth icon to be our future PM”, a political analyst had to say.

Unofficial reports suggested that Rahul Gandhi had flown to Spain in the last week of December to enjoy the New Year at a dance party there along with a handful of other Congress leaders.

Meanwhile, an official statement was released by a Congress spokesperson stating, “Rahul Gandhi was kept in the dark about the horrific gang-rape that happened on 16th December due to his young age. Our party felt that Rahul baba should not be exposed to such indecent incidents at a very tender age. We had decided to send him to Spain to spend the new year at a luxurious exotic hotel away from all the chaos.”

The 42 year-old youth icon is too young to take part in Delhi protests, ironically.