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Mosquito bites woman belonging to minority community; sparks national debate

New Delhi: In a shocking development, a mosquito has allegedly bit a woman belonging to minority community. The incident took place in Delhi’s busy NCR region when the woman was returning home from work.

The victim, a resident of Delhi, expressed her pain and anguish over the incident. “The mosquito bit me when I was getting out from the metro at Chandni Chowk. It was just a bite. I scratched it a few times. I’m fine now” she said while narrating the shocking incident to a local journalist.

The incident quickly sparked a local controversy. Thought the mosquito’s background and intentions are not yet known, self-proclaimed internet liberals have uncovered the shocking truth.

Its a clear case of communalism and fascism. The mosquito is intolerant of minorities” tweeted a secular internet liberal, which was re-tweeted by other secular internet liberals, leading to massive outrage on Twitter.

The assailant who committed the heinous fascist crime seemed clueless when reporters approached it

The assailant who committed the heinous fascist crime seemed clueless when reporters approached it

Following massive public outrage, the communal fascist mosquito has been caught and remanded in a plastic box at a local police station in Delhi. Secular internet liberals have hailed the swift action on the part of the Delhi police in arresting the mosquito.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh smells RSS/ BJP’s hand in the incident. “Narendra Modi was giving his speech in Odisha and the mosquito bit the woman. Is there a connect? Wait for investigation..” tweeted Diggy.

Diggy spoke exclusively to our reporter regarding the incident. “Delhi has secular mosquitoes. They first suck the blood of the majority community, and only then do they target the minority community. But that never happens, because the secular mosquitoes get enough blood from the majority community, so they never have to target the minorities. This communal mosquito must have come from a BJP-ruled state” Diggy claimed.

Diggy also tweeted a warning to Nitish Kumar and non-BJP ruled states from the onslaught of communal mosquitoes, saying “Be careful Nitish Kumar and non-BJP ruled states. Communal fascist mosquitoes are coming..

Just like Diggy, secular internet liberals are connecting the incident with Narendra Modi’s Odisha visit. Here are some examples of efforts of secular tweeters to expose Modi:

“Narendra Modi visited Odisha and the next thing you know is a #mosquito bites a woman belonging to minority community in #Delhi.”

“Narendra Modi is a fascist dictator, he even inspires communalism in mosquitoes. #Feku exposed.”

The incident has sparked national debates all across India. Many top news channels will be scheduling a live debate at the prime-time slot. It will have several secular intellectuals on the panel to collectively decide the fate of the mosquito.

“Did the mosquito intentionally bite the woman just because she belonged to minority community. The nation wants to know. The Newshour Debate Tonight” Arnab of ‘Times Now’ tweeted.

“On Buck Stops Here: Mosquito bites a minority woman. Is it a Modi conspiracy?” Barkha of NDTV tweeted.

Some Congress leaders are mulling the idea of sending the matter to NIA for investigation. “We are considering it” Congress leader Ajay Maken revealed.

A honest sincere citizen, who had like, absolutely no “affiliation” to any political party, launched a satirical website using JavaScript to mock the mosquito. It showed the image of Narendra Modi with a mosquito in his hand, with description which read as “To know how I communalize India using mosquitoes, click the link below.

However, after facing “backlash”, the content was removed.  The site read as follows, “I quit. I thought you could make decent satire on anybody. But, clearly, apparently, I was wrong. Mosquitoes were biting me all night, so I had to shut the site down.” The incident was taken note by the media and appeared in almost all major news channels and websites exposing Modi’s mosquito scam.


Digvijaya Singh most respected politician in the world: PCI Survey

According to the survey, Diggy is most respected politician in the world. Several political analysts feel otherwise

According to the survey, Diggy is most respected politician in the world. Several political analysts feel otherwise

According to a new survey carried out by PCI (Paid Chutiyas of India), Digvijaya Singh is the most respected politician in the world.

The Survey takes into account the respect commanded by a political figure, including their portrayal in media, social networking sites, etc. and their general appeal among the citizens of a country.

The Survey was carried out, according to PCI, in association with other international organizations to compare political leaders across the globe.

“We compared our data with leaders and politicians from around the world to come to the conclusion, and Diggy emerged the clear winner”, PCI spokesperson, Mr. Khujliwala, said at the time of addressing the media.

While Congress usually distance themselves from anything tainted connected with Diggy’s name, they have welcomed this new finding.

“This once again proves that Congress has the best leaders in the world, leaders like Diggy”, remarked a Congress spokesperson to reporters on Monday.

Diggy was quick to react to this development. “This was predictable. I always knew that I am the most respected politician in the world. Now is a good time for me to be declared as the Congress party’s PM candidate”, Diggy said.

Congress usually keep Diggy at an arm's length and quickly disclaim any stupid statement Diggy makes

Congress usually distances itself from Diggy and quickly disclaims any stupid statement Diggy makes

Though Congress has welcomed the finding, it has distanced itself from Diggy’s reactionary statement.

“We respect Diggy, but we don’t stand by his statements. Only Diggy understands what he says”, the spokesperson clarified as Congress tried to steer clear of Diggy’s comments on being declared PM candidate.

PCI’s report further went on to add that even after plenty of hardships, Diggy has managed to maintain his amazing reputation. Few years back, Diggy was diagnosed with a rare disease.

According to veteran BJP leader L. K. Advani, this is “a lesson to both BJP and Congress”. “BJP should learn some political skills from Diggy”, Advani further wrote in his blog.

Many prominent global leaders have been featured in the list compiled in the survey. Three-time Italian Prime Minster  Silvio Berlusconi came in at second place, just after Diggy.

Many political analysts have called the findings of the survey ‘flawed’.